Essential Proofing: Your Guide to a Perfect Yearbook

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Memento Yearbook provides several optional proofing tools to make the process easier and more efficient, whether you're working alone or as part of a team. Here are the various tools you can opt for while creating your yearbook:

Proofing Tools Available:

  • Individual Page Review: As you design your pages, editors can review them individually to ensure they are ready for proofing before submitting to the publisher.

  • Watermarked Low-Resolution PDFs: Create watermarked low-resolution PDFs to share with proofreaders. You can render a single page (e.g., provide homeroom teachers with their portrait pages to review for name misspellings and missing students) or render the entire book for a thorough review by several team members.


If you spot any issues with your book after you have submitted it for printing, contact your printing company directly so they can cancel the book and fix the issue.

Checklist for a Perfect Yearbook:

Photo Quality:

  • Look for blurry or out-of-focus photos. Since the printing is done at 300 DPI, ensuring high-quality photos is crucial.

Text Placement:

  • Ensure text is not too close to the page edges. Give your page ample breathing room and make sure your text is within the safe limit.

Photo Placement:

  • Ensure photos that are supposed to cover the entire page stretch past the page edge.
  • Check that important parts of photos, especially heads, are within the safe limit to avoid cropping.

Portrait Accuracy:

  • Verify that portraits are correctly placed and labeled without misspellings.
  • Ensure there are no missing placeholders for individuals who didn't get a portrait taken.

Privacy Compliance:

  • Remove photos of people on your school's "do not photograph" list or any mention of students who did not receive permission to be included in the book.

Text Accuracy:

  • Check for misspelled titles and text.
  • Be aware of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, particularly apostrophes and pluralization.

Design Consistency:

  • Ensure consistency in the sizes of titles and labels (font size, width/height of the text area).
  • Avoid duplicate photos, especially on photo collage pages or classroom activities pages.

Decorations Blocking Text or Photos:

  • While it is fun to decorate your pages, be sure that decorations don't obstruct labels or cover people's faces in photos. Keep them discreet in size, positioned behind or at the edges of photos and text.

Appropriate Content:

  • Remove photos of people displaying inappropriate hand gestures or graphic t-shirt messaging. Carefully check group photos for individuals trying to cause problems.

Copyright Compliance:

  • Understand the concept of copyrighted images downloaded from the internet, as you may not have the rights to print them.

By following this checklist, you can ensure that your yearbook is polished and professional, free of errors, and ready for a perfect print.

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