SmartFiltering: Searching and Filtering Portraits with Precision

Modified on Thu, 08 Feb 2024 at 02:09 PM

Memento Yearbook introduces SmartFiltering, an innovative tool designed to expedite your search for specific portraits. With its efficient narrowing down capabilities, it significantly speeds up editing.


Go to the Manage Portraits

A - Select the "Manage Portraits" option.

B - Choose to "Check-Out" the book for the purpose of importing a PSPA file. This action involves considerable alterations to the yearbook's structure, particularly in terms of panel flow.

All Filtering & Searching Options

- Filter by Groups : Allows for narrowing down the view to specific groups for more efficient searching.

B - List of Filters : Provides a comprehensive list of filters to quickly validate or modify portraits.

C - Missing Information Filters : Quickly identifies portraits with missing elements, like absent photos.

D - Find People : Enables rapid searching and editing of individual portraits by name.

Refine Available Group Selections

A - The 'Filter by Groups' Search Edit Field: Tailor Your View in the Filter Area as Illustrated in B

B - Complete Selection of Filters Derived from Your Portrait Database: Display the Full Range of Options When 'Filter by Groups' Edit Field, Highlighted in A, Is Left Blank.
This screenshot provides an example of what happens when you enter 'Teacher' into the 'Filter by Groups' edit field, showcasing how it narrows down to display only the available Teacher options.

Choose a Particular Set of Portraits (For Example, Teachers)

A - When no options are chosen, both Grid View and Table View will display all portraits, as highlighted in the yellow rectangle in B.

A - Selecting a specific option, like 'Teacher,' will tailor Grid View or Table View to show only teachers as highlighted in the yellow rectangle in B.

This feature is extremely useful for quick edits. For instance, you might choose to view only Grade 3 teachers or just assistant teachers, among other possibilities.

Note: The portraits displayed will also depend on the 'Missing Information Filters' settings. For instance, if you choose 'Missing Photos' in the Missing Information Filters and then select 'Grade 3', you might not see any portraits if all Grade 3 photos are present.

Rapidly Identify Missing Information (For Example, No Photos)

A - The "Missing Information Filters" dropdown menu enables you to choose particular types of missing information in your portrait database.

B - The "Grid View" or "Table View" displays the outcomes based on the selected "Missing Information Filters".

Here is a comprehensive list of all available filter options within the "Missing Information Filters" dropdown menu.

For instance, if the "No Portraits photo " filter is selected, the "Grid View" or "Table View" will display only those portraits that lack associated photos.

Swiftly Find a Particular Individual

A - Utilize the "Find People" feature for a swift search of individuals.

B - As an example, searching for the name "Andrew". Should there be multiple individuals named Andrew in the portrait database, they will all be displayed.

Keep in mind that this filter will be applied subsequent to all other filtering options if any are active.

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