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Selecting, searching, filtering and sorting the portraits

Selecting portraits

You can select one, several or all of the portraits in your database.  First, access your database under the Manage Portraits option - check out your book to get started.

After checkout, your portrait database will be displayed, providing access to the portraits and related information.

Select one or more portraits - the top-menu options will become available. Once selected, you may edit portrait data, delete people from the database, or assign roles to help you to make panel pages more quickly.

To select all portraits in your database, click on the top empty checkbox on the left-most column. All portraits will be selected.  Note: if you have more than 150 portraits, you will need to go onto the next page and repeat the above steps.


To select portraits individually, check the box next to the individual portrait.


Searching by keyword

To find a particular person or a group of people, use the keyword search box.


Type a word into the search box - any portrait with matching information will appear. For example, you may search for a particular first or last name...


or members assigned to a single classroom, using the homeroom or teacher info as applicable.


Smart filters

Smart filters allow you to look for groups of people missing information.

For example, choose Missing Priority to ensure that you assign a role to every portrait. Once the filter is applied, go through and select portraits and correct the information. After the missing information is added, the portrait record will disappear from the the list.


Sort by column header

Click on the arrows next to the column labels to sort alphabetically or numerically depending on the column information.

For instance, if you wanted to see all the portraits organized alphabetically by last name, click on the up or down arrow next to that column title.

Before sorting:


After clicking on the UP arrow:


and after clicking on the down arrow:


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