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Changing the order of portrait pages

Pages may be reordered with a section, to change the order of the pages or add extra pages between them. 

To move pages, first check out the book using the button at the top of the page.

Below is an example of a single portrait section, comprised of three grades with a candid page following each of them.

To move a portrait group in front of another, click Edit portrait pages.

The portrait page wizard will open, displaying the three groups within the current section.

Click Next step to change the ordering. Drag the groups into the desired order.

Once the re-ordering is correct, click Next Step then Add to Book.

The pages will move into their new positions.

Notice that candid pages nested between portrait pages follow the group in front of them.  Candid-style pages immediately following a group will follow the portrait page group when it is reordered. Pages in front of a portrait page group will remain stationary.

To reorder candid pages nested between portrait page groups, click on the handle under the page, and drag it into a new position within the section.

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