A portrait does not appear on its portrait page as expected

Modified on Wed, 20 May, 2020 at 10:42 AM

If you expect to find a portrait in a grid arrangement in your book but it is not showing up, the first thing to check is how the portrait page was set up. A portraits will only appear on a portrait page when the data associated it matches the group(s) used to set up the portrait page.  

To determine why the portrait is not appearing on the page, first, in the Book Manager, check the book out, and click on Edit Portraits in the relevant section..


The portrait page wizard will open.  In Step 1, check to see what groups have been included in the section, and determine what information is being used to create the portrait section where your portrait should be included.


In the example below, we see that the section consists of five groups - Grade + Teacher.


In this example, if a portrait is not appearing on Mrs. Spark's Grade 6 classroom page, we would make a note that this page is being created using portraits that are in both Grade 6 and Teacher Sparks. Our missing portrait needs to be part of both Grade 6 and Teacher Sparks.

Click Cancel to move back to the Book Manager.

Next, go to the Portrait manager and locate the missing portrait by typing the person's name in the search box.

Once you have found the missing portrait, ensure that the portrait has been included in any and all categories being used to create the group. A tutorial on how to add or correct portrait information is available in a detailed article in the Portrait Management section.

In our example,  the portrait that does not appear on the page most likely is not assigned to either Grade 6 and/or to Teacher Sparks. Edit the data associated to this portrait so the relevant information is associated to it.

Note that if the portrait needs to belong to more than one group (eg. teacher, assistant teacher) you can use a comma with no spaces to assign the portrait to multiple groups.

Keep an eye out for spelling mistakes or alternative versions of group names. For instance, if your missing portrait is assigned to Spaks (not Sparks), it will not appear with the Sparks portraits.

Once the information is correctly updated in the portrait database, the portrait will automatically be added to the portrait page.

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