How to Apply Image Effects

Modified on Fri, 12 Jan 2024 at 11:45 AM

Memento Yearbook provides a wide array of effects to enhance your images, including options to adjust brightness and contrast, convert images to black and white, among other features.

Exercise caution when adding effects to your images, as your monitor may not be professionally color-calibrated. This can result in the final print in your book appearing more intense than what you see on your screen.


How to Access the Image Effect Editor

To apply effects and/or color corrections to your photo, first, select an image on your page, then click on the Image FX tab. The Image FX editor will open.  

How to Change Brightness

Brightness affects the overall amount of light in your image. 

How to Change Contrast

Contrast affects the amount of difference between light and dark areas in your image.

How to Change Saturation

Saturation affects the intensity of color in your image.

How to Apply Grayscale

Grayscale and sepia are color effects.  Grayscale removes the color from your image.

How to Apply Sepia

Sepia replaces the color with brown/golden tones, for an antique look.

How to Apply Hue-Rotation (recolor)

Hue-rotation transforms the colors in your image. It does not tint your photo, but shift the color on the color gamut.

This slider option is best used to reversion backgrounds & clipart to match your page's color scheme. Turn one background into multiple color variants, or retint cliparts to a theme color.

How to Invert an Image

Invert reverses the color in your images.

This option is best for applied to backgrounds more than your photos.

How to Blur an Image

Blur defocuses your image.

Apply this to soften images and textures for a diffuse background effect.

How to Make an Image Transparent

Reducing opacity makes your image more transparent. Content underneath an image with reduced opacity will be seen through the photo.

It can be used effectively to create a layered effect. In this example, clipart is transformed into transparent stickers.

How to Flip an Image Horizontally or Vertically

Turn on horizontal flip to mirror-image photos on a left-right axis. Turn on vertical flip to mirror-image photos top-down.

This effect is useful for creating "bookend" clipart.

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