Grid, Ruler and Snapping

Modified on Wed, 28 Feb 2024 at 04:27 PM

Grid, Ruler & Snapping Video Tutorial

A - Rulers

Rulers are always active, displaying the page size in inches. 

B - Selection in Ruler

A grey rectangle on the ruler will indicate the selected object(s) to ease editing and alignment.

C - Settings Tab

This tab provides access to various grid and ruler features, among others.

D - Arrow Keys Nudging

The Nudge Distance comes into play when using the arrow keys to move selected object(s). The distance can be adjusted using the radio buttons. 

Please note that nudging is disabled when Snap to Grid is enabled, as the arrow keys will then align movements to the grid's spacing.

E - Grid

This option allows you to toggle the grid on or off pages.

F - Snap to Grid

When enabled, all movements or resizing of objects will snap according to grid spacing. Snapping to edges and safe areas remains functional, but snapping directly to other objects is disabled when Snap to Grid is active.

Arrow keys will move the selected object(s) based on the grid distance.

G - Grid Spacing

This setting allows you to adjust the grid spacing in inches.

H - Grid Color

This feature lets you control the grid's color based on the page's color palette. It also allows you to adjust the opacity to reduce visual clutter during editing.

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