Adding, deleting, moving and duplicating pages

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Before managing any structural aspect of your book, check it out first. Editors-in-chief and Editors may check out the book.

Book check out is required to ensure that page order, page deletion and portrait page updates will not negatively affect the work of team members. For instance, staffers cannot accidentally delete pages or make structural changes to the book, and team members cannot open pages while the book is being actively managed, preventing saving issues.

Warning: No other team member can edit pages when your book is checked out. Be sure to check in as soon as you have finished managing it.

Adding pages

First, decide the number of pages to add in your section. At the bottom of the book manager, change the number of pages to the number you want to insert (the default is 2). Click on the - sign to reduce the number of page or the + sign to increase the number of pages.

Next, click on the + sign in the pages area of your section to add one (or more) blank candid pages to the section.

The selected number of blank pages will appear at the point of the clicked + sign.

Once pages have been added to a section, a "ghost" page may appear at the front of the section. This is the last page of the previous section, which is right-side page. Your current section will start on the left side of this page.

It is much easier to build your book with a few pages per section. It keeps your book well-organized in the same manner you would use dividers in a binder, rather than building your book in a single large piece. You can make  pdf proofs of single sections, and assign an entire section to a team member, for instance.

Moving Pages

Movable pages will display an icon under the page. Portrait panel pages cannot be moved, but pages can be moved around them. 

Use the dot icon like a handle - click down on the icon and drag the page to a new position.

The pages will save to their new order.

Candid pages may also be dragged between sections.

Click down on the dot handle then drag the page to its new position.

Deleting pages

Hover over the page so it is selected.  Click on the ... icon in the top right of the page.

Choose Delete to remove the page.  Confirm the deletion of this page.

Be careful - once deleted, your pages will be permanently deleted with no means to restore the content!


Duplicating pages

Hover over your page so it is selected.  Click on the ... icon in the top right of the page.
Choose Duplicate to make a copy of the current page.

Duplicating a page then moving it is a great way to reuse a page as a template.

Be sure to Check In the book once you're done with your changes, so that the other team members can continue working on their pages.

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