Adding shapes to your page

Modified on Fri, 20 Mar 2020 at 12:16 PM

Shapes can transform your page from a plain photo arrangement to a top quality design. To add a shape to your page, click on the shape icon in the top right corner of the Editor. The default shape will appear on your page.


Shapes may be resized, repositioned and rotated like any other frame on your canvas. Shapes may also have border edge and shadow effects like image frames.

Fill color

To change the color of the shape, select it, then click on the Fill tab to open the FIll editor. Choose a shade on the slider, then click on the gradient to select your color. You may also define a precise color using the HEX/RGB/HSL value (use the toggle to switch between modes).

Reduce the fill opacity to make the shape more transparent - use the slider or the A (alpha) value under the RBG or HSL options.

Using Shapes for effect

In addition to simply providing visual interest to your page, shapes can be used to give structure to your composition.

Create bounding boxes by applying a shape with a border and 0% fill opacity.  Your background will be visible inside the shape.


Create text caption areas.

Use a shape with a simple color fill to create lines. Simply reduce the width and height of a rectangular shape until it becomes a thin line.


Shapes maybe used to create many different page styles. Experiment with them to give your book a personalized style.

Create ribbons, line bubbles, tinted or highlighted areas. Define composition areas with shapes.


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