Frame border options for images & shapes

Modified on Fri, 20 Mar 2020 at 01:06 PM

Image frames and shapes display borders of any color, and may range in shape from straight-edged rectangles to full circles.

Turning the border on

To add a border to your image frame or shape, select it on your page, then click on Border to turn the border on.

 The border will appear white by default, which will contrast on the canvas when an image, color fill or background texture is applied to it.

Border color

Drag the size slider to increase the width of the frame border.

Border color

Use the color chip to pick a new shade or adjust the transparency level of the border. The current color selection will be displayed on the frame and in the color gradient.

Use the color slider to pick a new color, move the color selection point to a new area on the color gradient, or manually enter the RGB, HSL or HEX value for a color (use the toggle to move between modes).

Border opacity

Border opacity is controlled using the second slider, or the A (alpha) value under the RGB or HSL values. 

Click here for a list of third-party websites exploring color palettes and codes.

Border shape

To change the shape of the image frame or shape, select one or more frames then click on the Shape tab.

Choose among the rectangle, circular or oval option, and adjust the corner width as desired. Note that a rectangle transitions into an oval, and vice-versa, as the corner slider moves between 0 and 100. A circular frame locks the aspect ratio (width to height) of the frame to create a perfect circle; set the corner to 0 to make a perfect square.


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