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Creating a yearbook from start to finish

Enjoy our    5-minute video overview of Memento Yearbook or learn more in in a   24-minute walk-through

    Account Creation

Your yearbook company creates a Memento Yearbook Account for you. Login info is sent to your school's primary contact person.

Your book has pre-assigned page sizes, number of pages, and due dates.

    Book Creation

Your primary contact person (Editor-in-Chief) logs into your book for the first time.

    Team Member Login
The Editor-in-Chief sets up team member accounts with variable permissions, if required.

    Book Management
The Editor(s)-in-Chief create sections and add pages to your yearbook. Pages may be assigned to team members.

    Photo Management
Editor(s) create Yearbook Photo Albums to house the images to be used in the yearbook.
They may also create Community Photo Albums to receive photos from your wider school community - these photos are then approved for use by transferring them to your Yearbook Photo Albums.

    Portrait Import & database management
An Editor-in-Chief or an Editor with portrait permissions imports your portrait database. Information about the portrait images (names, roles, etc.) is verified and edited.

    Page Design

Team members design pages, using photos from the Yearbook photo albums and Portrait database, embellished with text, backgrounds and decorations.

When a page is completed, it should be submitted for review.
An Editor will approve the page as "ready for proofing" or reject it - adding comments to suggest what needs to be done.

A proof book is created by an Editor-in-Chief. Each page is then carefully reviewed.

Each page is either approved or rejected - with comments added to suggest what should be fixed.

    Book Submission
When the complete book has passed proofing, the Editor-in-Chief will submit the approved book to the yearbook company.
The Yearbook company will approve the book for printing or reject it (with comments) to request changes.

    Order Completion

After your yearbook company approves your submitted book, they will print your yearbook order and ship it to you.

Note: A quality internet connection is required to work on the yearbook. Please consult the system requirements article.

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