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Deleting or excluding portraits individually

To exclude or delete a single portrait, click in the white box next to it to checkmark it. Checkmark any portraits in the same manner to exclude or delete them as well.


Note that deleting or excluding one or more portraits that have already been added to a portrait pages will cause the portrait grid to reflow. Be sure to check your pages to see how the removal of portraits has affected your page design, particularly if you have adding decorations or candid photos to the page.

Excluding a portrait

Portrait exclusion simply turns the portrait off from appearing in portrait pages. The portrait photo remains in the database. 

To exclude the selected portrait(s), click on Edit People on the top menu.


Scroll down to the bottom of the Edit window.


Turn the Excluded option from No to Yes.


Click Update Person to save your changes.


The Excluded column may be viewed in the far right end of the portrait table.  Scroll over at the bottom of the table to view it.  Change the information in the Excluded column from No to Yes to exclude a single portrait at a time.


Deleting a portrait

To delete one or more selected portraits, click on Delete People on the top menu. 

Be careful - once deleted, the portrait will be permanently deleted and cannot be restored.


Confirm the deletion request - keeping in mind that the deleted portraits will permanently be removed from the database and any portrait page they appear on.


Once confirmed, the selected portrait(s) will be removed.

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