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What is my school Id?

At the time your account was created by your printing company or account manager, a primary contact person was designated as Editor-in-Chief of your book. An email was sent to this person, containing the login information for the Editor-in-Chief, including a SchoolID and a username.

Below is an example of this email:


Once logged in to Memento Yearbook, the Editor-in-Chief may create additional team member logins so that every person who needs to work on the book has their own unique login. Two people may not login to the book at the same time with the same credentials (to prevent issues with page locking, permissions, and project corruption).

If you have misplaced your login, please contact the Editor-in-Chief for your yearbook who can provide you with your SchoolID and reset your password. MementoPix cannot provide login information as Memento Yearbook adheres to strict child online privacy rules.

If you are the Editor-in-Chief and have lost your login, please contact your yearbook company or yearbook account manager. Your yearbook company/account manager can verify your identity and then provide login info or access to you.

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