Formatting Portrait Page Titles

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Portrait title formatting is set in the Portrait editor under the Layout tab's Design section.

Title font styling is set under the Visual tab.  

Layout options

The contents of the portrait page title are set in the Layout's Title box. 

Your portrait titles will automatically display the group used to create your portrait section.

In this example, a single grade will appear with grade name over the portrait grid.

In another example, a section created with two groups, using the grade and their homeroom, will show both group names in the title.

The title contents may be customized on a per page or per section basis. Type changes into the title area then apply the changes to your page or section. Note that you can clear the formatting and add the group names back by typing @ while in the text box, or click "use default settings" to restore them to the original formatting. (Only the groups used to create the panel set will be available using the @tag).

Be very careful to apply title changes on a per-page basis if your portrait section includes mismatched groups. For instance, if you have one portrait group displaying an entire grade, and another showing an individual teacher or homeroom group, be very sure to reset the label presets only to each individual page.

To turn titles off, use the Page title toggle - and click Update Layout to apply the change.

The portraits will realign after titles are turned off to the top margin. 

Design tip: turn titles off if you want create custom graphics instead of an automated title. Use it in combination with knockouts or margins adjustment.

Set which pages should show the title, and where they should be placed on the page. 

Page Title sets the rule for title display for multi-page groups. 

  • Choose First page aligned to add titles to the first page of every group with subsequent pages grid-aligned. 
  • Choose Every Page to title all pages in the section.
  • Choose First Page Only to title the first page but start the grid at the top of the next page.

Page Title Heights can be set in four ways, based on the height of a row of portraits. The rows will expand or contract to accommodate the change in title spacing.

Visual styling options

Click on the Visual tab under Portraits to access title font properties.  Choose to restyle an individual title or the current page, or an entire multi-page section.

To change styling options, click on the title on your page, then choose Text.

Standard text styling properties are available - color, font, font size, weight and style (if available in the selected font).

Use the alignment options to position your title within its frame, relative to the page margins.

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