Formatting portrait page grids

Modified on Wed, 22 Jan 2020 at 10:53 AM

Rows & Columns

Change the number of rows and columns of the portrait grid under the Design section of the Layout tab.

Increasing the number of columns and/or rows allows more portraits to appear per page, reducing them in size. If you want larger portraits, then reduce the number of columns and/or rows.

Last row alignment

Since most grids will not perfectly fill the available space, you can specify how the last row of portraits will be aligned relative to your page. Choose among edge, center and gutter alignment.

Note that edge and gutter will cause your adjacent portrait pages to mirror positioning when you apply settings to the entire section. 

If you want to adjust the last row position on a per page basis, switch to Apply to this page only. You can then set the last row according to your needs on each individual portrait group.

Row & column spacing

Change the spacing between the rows and columns under the Advanced section of the Layout area.

Reduce the size to bring the rows and/or columns closer together, or increase the size to push the rows and/or columns apart. Note that spacing changes will affect labels - providing more or less room to display the text. (Values are in inches.)


Change the distance of the portrait grid from the page sides in the Margin section of the Layout area.

Reduce the size to bring the panel as close as possible to the page sides or increase the size to push the panel away from the page sides. Note that margin changes may affect label placement. (Values are in inches.)

You can offset your grid to make room for candid photos and decorations using margin values.

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