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Opening a page in the editor

To open a page in the Editor, access your book under Edit Book. Editors-in-Chief and Editors may open any page in the book. Staffers may only open pages assigned to them that are unassigned.

Hover over a page - if the page is editable, the blue Edit button will appear. Click on it to launch the page in the editor.


The page will launch, active, in the Editor. In this area, you can design your page with photos, decorations, text and shapes.

In the middle of the screen, you will see a two pages - these pages will be printed next to each other in the finished book. One page will be highlighted, the other shaded. The highlighted page is available to edit. The shaded page is inactive - click the Edit button to work on it. New pages will appear blank.

Along the right side of the page, access tabs to add content and features to work on your pages. These features are explored in separate sections of this knowledge base in detail.

At the bottom of the screen, toggle the page preview option on/off.

Scroll down the page previews. Click on a page to work on it (if permitted by your team member type and page assignment).

Add text frames, shapes and empty image frames to your page using the buttons in the top right side of the page.

On top of these buttons, you will find the saving status of your book. All changes made to your editor should immediately be saved. The Help button will launch this knowledge base. Close will end your editing session and return you to the book manager.

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