Fitting multiple groups to a single page

Modified on Thu, 25 Feb 2021 at 12:43 PM

Use Fit to One Page in the Portrait editor to condense multiple groups within a section into a single page.  Use this feature only on portrait sections that have no more than one to four groups that can comfortably fit on a single page.

For example, use it to move "orphaned" portraits that have spilled over to a second page. Note that the portrait section in this example consists of a single group (Teacher: Pendergrass). The portraits resize to fit to the single page.

Multiple small groups (2-4 max) may be condensed to a single page within a single section, such as a Staff page created with department or role groups, or a section containing a couple of very small classes such as pre-k or special needs groups.

In the example below, we have created a staff pages section that is comprised of three groups, Department: Admin, Faculty and Support. When the section is created, each group is featured on their own page, leaving large gaps at the bottom of each page.

To condense all staff onto a single page, open the first page of the section in the Editor, then go to Portraits.
Fit to one Page is located at the bottom of the Design section of the Portraits tab.

Turn on Fit to One Page, then apply the change.

The sections will condense to a single page. However, the rows and columns may need adjustment, particularly if you are condensing a large number of portraits onto a single page.

Do not use Fit to One Page on large sections containing several large group, as the results will not fit comfortable to a single page.

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