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Adding albums and photos in the editor

In the page editor, you can create new yearbook photo albums and upload images for use on your pages. 

To open a page in the Editor, hover over any page assigned to you, and click the Edit button. Your Yearbook Photo Albums will appear under the Photos tab. Click on it to access your photos.


Adding a new album

Click on + New Album to create a new photo album. The album will be added to your collection.


Tip: To delete or rename albums, close your current page, then access your albums via Yearbook Photo Albums.

Adding photos to an album

Click on an album to open it. Add photos to the album by clicking on the Upload icon to access your file manager. Navigate to the folder containing your photos, select one or more photos, then click Open. The photos will upload to your album.


Tip: To delete photos, close your current page, access your albums via Yearbook Photo Albums, and then delete the photos you want from inside the particular album(s).

There is no way to undo this deletion, so be careful!

Viewing photos

Once you have selected an album, you'll see all the photos contained within it. Scroll down to view the photos in that album.  The album title will display at the top of the photo pane.
To move back to your list of albums, click on the < icon next to the album's name.


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