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Adding photos to a Yearbook Photo Album

Click on a Yearbook Photo Album to open it.


Add images into the album by clicking on the Upload Photos button. This will launch the file manager on your computer, tablet or chromebook. 


Navigate to the folder containing your photos, then select one or more photos.

  • To select all photos in the folder, select one image, then type Ctrl-A (Windows) or Cmd-A (Mac).
  • To select multiple photos, select one image, then hold the Ctrl-key (Windows) or Shift-key (Mac), and click on additional images, one at a time.

You can add photos from any drive connected to your computer - be it local storage or an external/synched drive, such as Google Drive, One Drive or Dropbox. When your selection is complete, click Open to start the upload.


The upload should proceed fairly quickly, depending on the number of images, the size of the photos, and the speed of your internet connection. When the upload is complete, large previews of your images will appear.


Adding Images in the Editor

Images may also be added to albums directly in the Editor, while working on pages. With the Editor open, access the Photos tab to see your collection of Yearbook Photo Albums.


Click into an album, then click on the top icon to upload new photos to an existing album.


Tip: Be selective when uploading photos. Choose the best photos - those that are most likely to be included in your yearbook.
Avoid multiple shots of a single event, and fuzzy or badly framed images. Discourage your photo contributors from dumping dozens of photos from a single event into an album.  Don't overwhelm your page designers - give them a small, pre-selected collection of images so that they can concentrate on layouts, not sifting through piles of images for a few good shots.

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