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How to login to your yearbook

Everyone accessing your yearbook needs to login to the yearbook under their own username/password. 

When your book is create by your yearbook company. the primary contact person (usually the Editor-in-Chief) at your school will be invited to create a login. The Editor-in-Chief will then then create team member accounts for everyone who needs to work on the book. The Editor-in-Chief will provide login information to team members.

Never share login credentials with another person, and never try to login with the same username at the same time. This will cause permissions and locking errors in your book that could prevent you from accessing it.

If you have been provided with login information, visit
Type your School Id.  Click Continue...

Your school may have more than one book assigned to it.  If there is more than one book, choose the book to work on. Note that your credentials will only work on the book to which your username is linked.

Next, select your username by clicking on the V on the first box.   A list of all registered team members will appear - choose your team id to proceed.

Last, type in your password.  Important to note: if you are using a private computer, you can choose to turn on the "Remember Me" checkbox. If you are using a public computer, such as a school computer in the lab, do not check this box.

Click on the Sign In button to complete your login.

If you are having problems with your password, click on Forgotten your password? 

Note that in order to use the Forgotten your password link an email address associated with your account. Team members who do not have an email address associated to their account should ask their Yearbook Editor-in-Chief to reset their password. Check your spam/junk folder first to see if the message was misfiled.

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