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Yearbooks don't have to be only about clubs & sports. Document aspects of daily life and add community-building content to your yearbook. Here are a few examples...

The Classroom Cookbook

Ask your students to share their favourite family recipe. Host a baking contest (at home or as a fundraising bake sale) then share the recipes for the winning entries in the yearbook. Ask each class to come up with a special school cafeteria dish they would enjoy. Make a Lunchtime Special page, showcasing your students' favourite homemade lunches.

Photo Exhibit

Get students to submit their best photo taken at school - architecture/school grounds, portraiture, still life, school spirit. You can propose a theme, or just ask for their best pics.

School Trivia
Create a fun multiple choice game using your school as the topic. When was it founded, what is its enrolment numbers, how many teachers work there, which staff member has been there longest, who are its famous alumni... be creative!

Our Community
Give your school a context in its neighbourhood by including a pictorial of the important places in your area: community centers, city hall, outdoor sporting facilities, parks, main streets, local hangouts and community festivities, for example.

The Seasons

Take a photo from the same position every month, from the school yard or a particular window, to capture the change of seasons. Fall colors, winter snows, spring thaw, it will make for a beautiful photo essay in your book.

Nature Around Us
Ask your science teacher to take students around the school to document the plant and animals they find. Show off the school garden, the trees and flowers that surround you. What insects and wildlife are lurking near by?

Yearbook Treasure Hunt

Hide your school mascot, a cartoon critter, or maybe even a photo of your principal (!) in the pages of your yearbook. Place the character peeking out behind photos and text, or hide them on top of class photos. Be sure to make a note of every place you've hidden the character. Save a space in the book to let people about the game. You might even want to run a contest to see who can find them all.

Life in Covid Times

Document how your daily school life has changed. Include information on how your school space has been re-organized, a list of affected activities, and other things that have changed due to social distancing and safety measures. For instance, what do people do instead of shaking hands?

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