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Moving photos between albums

Video tutorial available   

Note that photos uploaded to Community Photo Albums must be moved into a Yearbook Photo Album to make them accessible in the page editor.

Photos may be moved from one album to another. In the example below, we are using a Community Photo Album, but photos within Yearbook Photo Albums may also be transferred to another Yearbook Photo Album. (You cannot move images into a Community Photo Album.)


 To move one or more photos, first click into an album, to access the photos within it. 

Next, select the photos to move.   Select all photos in the album...

or select individual photos by hovering over each to checkmark it.

After making your selection, choose Move Photos.


You can then choose to move the photos to a pre-existing Yearbook Photo Album...

 or to new Yearbook Photo Album. To do this, click on the Create new album button.

Then type in the new album name and finally, click on the Create album button


Once your selection has been made, click on Move photos


The photos will disappear from the current album, and reappear in the newly selected Yearbook Photo Album.


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