Understanding Photo Management

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Memento Yearbook includes handy photo management tools to ease the process of photo collection from your team and wider school community.

IMPORTANT: Memento Yearbook is designed to collect photos only for use in your yearbook. It is not intended to be a general photo storage or transfer service. 

For general a general tutorial of yearbook photo management, watch the following video:

For a tutorial specific to Editors-in-Chief, take a look at the following video:

All yearbook team members can access Yearbook Photo Albums directly in the app.  Yearbook albums are permission controlled for Staffer-level team members, ensuring security for younger yearbook contributors.


Yearbook Photo Albums store your photos, which are then accessed in the Editor for use on your yearbook pages.  When working in the Editor, Yearbook Photo Albums are displayed under the Photos tab - click into your album collection to select photos to add to your yearbook pages.


Community Photo Albums

Members of your school community not working directly on the yearbook may safely contribute photos to your yearbook via Community Photo Albums. 

Community Photo Albums are created in the book manager. When an album is created, it is given a unique website address (a url) and is password protected. The folder's website address and access info may be sent to one or more members of your school community, so they may upload photos for the yearbook safely on any internet connected device (phone, tablet or computer). The photo contributors will not see any photo in the folder other than those they are currently uploading, ensuring safety & privacy.


Photos within Community Photo Albums are selectively transferred then to Yearbook Photo Albums by the Editor-in-Chief and Editors, so they may be used on yearbook pages. This gives the Editors an opportunity to exclude photos that are not likely candidates for use in the book (duplicates, bad quality, etc.) or exclude inappropriate content (copyrighted images, photos of kids on the do-not-photograph list, offensive content). The design team can focus on creating pages, rather than sorting through photos.  Photo upload within a Community Photo Album may be turned off if no further images are required.

Create thematic photo albums reflecting the general organization of your yearbook. If you have a section dedicated to a theme, then create an album for it. eg: Holiday concert, Carnival Day, League Soccer, Grade 3 general activities.Don't create catch-all folders specific to particular people, dates or micro-events that are part of a larger thematic section. You'll lose your photos in a clutter of albums. Avoid albums with names like these -  Mr. John's photos, Bake Sale at Carnival Day, 2019-03-26 pics.
Be selective when choosing photos for your yearbook. Only upload or move Community photos into albums that are candidates for inclusion in your book.Don't upload multiple photos of the same moment, badly cropped or out-of-focus images, or crowd shots where no one is facing the camera. Don't overwhelm your design team with too many (bad) photos.
Pick only the best photos to appear on your page. There is no obligation to use every photo available for a particular theme.Don't overcrowd your pages or use your albums as an archive of all the photos taken at your school in the year. Try to set a limit of a dozen or less images per page. An overcrowded page doesn't tell a story or engage the viewer.
Assign photographers to cover events early in the season. No dedicated yearbook photographer? Recruit event organizers and teachers to get the photos you need. Send out reminders before the event with a link to a Community Photo Album included.Don't download images from the internet, such as general clip art, backgrounds, popular culture and news event photos. Most images require copyright clearance to use, and internet downloads are often very low resolution. Stick to your own photos and the decorative elements provided in Memento Yearbook to be safe.
Make the school itself a main character in your book. Photos of gardens & yards, sports fields & equipment, empty classrooms, hallways and other architectural features of your school environment make great graphic elements in your book.Don't use low-resolution photos downloaded from your school's website. They will diminish the over-all quality of your professionally printed yearbook.

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