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The importance of creating unique logins for your team members

To log into Memento Yearbook, you must type a username and password.  

As per the Terms of Use, every member of your yearbook committee needs their own personal username & password.

When your yearbook account was registered, a single username was set up as the primary contact person/project manager. By default, this person's account is registered as an Editor-in-chief, and has full permissions over every aspect of the book - including team management, review and approval, photo management and book submission.

This person will log into the account first, and set up the password for their account. 

It is strongly recommended that the Editor-in-chief immediately set up separate user logins for all other persons who need to work on the book right after their first login. Team members should never share a single login.

What happens if members of the Yearbook staff share a login?

  • DATA LOSS:  Simultaneous editing on a single page on two computers is not available in Memento Yearbook. If you share a single login, two or more people are able to access the same page at the same time, which leads to version issues with the page, and using "undo" on the page will lead to serious errors. In a nutshell: the app won't know which version of the project is the correct one, and will overwrite changes. Work will be lost.
  • SERIOUS PERMISSIONS ISSUES: Team members will have the same permissions. In the case of logins assigned to Editors-in-chief and possibly Editors, one individual could choose to run proofs of the book and submit it for printing before it has been properly reviewed and approved by the actual project manager. Pages and photos can be deleted by persons who should not have access to do so.
  • NON-COMPLIANCE WITH COPPA RULES: Child online privacy policy will be violated since individuals are not properly identified and did not as individuals indicate participation in COPPA rules.
  • NO PER-PERSON PAGE ASSIGNMENTS: You cannot assign pages to individuals - no one is responsible for a particular section or page in the book.
  • NO PROGRESS TRACKING: There is no way to track who made changes to a page. If someone makes unauthorized changes to the book, you won't know who did it.
  • COMMENTING/REVIEW IS NO LONGER USEFUL: you won't know who submitted, reviewed or commented on pages.

As such, please do not share login information among the members of your team. Every person needs their own login.

If you do not have a unique login, please contact your Yearbook committee's Editor-in-chief/project manager and request a username of your own.

Complete details on Team Management can be found here.

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