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Creating space in your grid with knockouts

Turn off portrait frames to make space for photos or decorations in Knockout mode.

In the Portrait editor, turn Knockout mode on, then click on a portrait you wish to "knock out" of the way.

Click on the eye icon on the portrait image to complete the knockout. The portraits following the selected area will all move one slot down.
A red placeholder will show up instead - don't worry this will not appear on your final print or in any other mode than Portrait.


To remove the knockout, click on the red area and click on the eye icon again. A portrait will reappear in this position.


Tip. To multi-select portraits, hold CTRL and click on all those you wish to knockout. Finish the knockout by clicking on one of the Eye Icons - the entire group will vanish, and your page will only reflow once leading to faster result.

Once you've created your knocked-out area, you may add photos, decorations or custom text to your page to fill it.



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