Using screenshots in your yearbook

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A screenshot is a low-resolution photo of all or part of your computer, tablet or phone screen. These images may be used in your yearbook, but only in particular circumstances. 

Keep in mind, a screenshot will always be low-resolution so it will not print well like your high-resolution images from your camera. Screenshots need to be kept  very small on your page to preserve as much of their sharpness as possible, or use their "blurriness" as a visual effect. You will most likely see resolution warnings on your page in the Editor when using them.

Do not screenshot photos or content from websites not owned or maintained by your school community, without the consent of the owners of the site. All content in your yearbook must be copyright-free.

Do not screenshot content posted in social media from members of your school community without their consent. Your school could face serious legal issues if a photo was posted of an individual without proper consent or permission.

When is it ok to use a screenshot in your yearbook?

Using a screenshot in your yearbook is acceptable in a few circumstances.

Important photos or logos are embedded on your school website and you can't get them any other way.

Most photos on websites may be downloaded by right-mouse selecting them, to bring them into your downloads folder. However, on occasion, a website is constructed to prevent photos from being downloaded. Be sure to ask your school's administrator or the person responsible for your school's website for the content you need since a screenshot will always be much lower quality than an original image file. If you have no other alternative and have permission from your school administrators, you can screenshot the content.

Zoom or Teams-type classroom shots

If your classes are online this year, your class group photo might just be the online group chat. Enlist your teachers to make the screenshot, and be sure that all the kids in the chat are allowed to be photographed.

Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok selfies

For fun, have students (and staff!) screenshot their favourite filtered selfies for a fun alternative portrait page. Ask students to submit their own screenshots via a Community Photo Album, ensuring that you have their full permission to include these photos.

Handy resources for taking a screenshot

The following links may help you with your particular device:

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