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Year in Review section

Include a homemade Year-in-Review section to give your school year a context. This section is a chance for young journalists and historians to participate in the yearbook. Some ideas to include:

Local news

  • Political debates in your community
  • Local election results
  • Big construction projects
  • Community events & festivals
  • Charitable endeavours
  • New businesses or major closures

National & international news

  • Big news stories that fuelled in-class debate
  • How these events affected your community
  • National and international leaders
  • Natural disasters, wars & humanitarian issues
  • Economic trends

Popular culture

  • Billboard Top 10 songs (rock, pop, country, hiphop, whatever types are popular in your school) or your local radio station's countdown lists
  • A list of the top-grossing movies
  • Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB & Nielsen ratings tv & movie rankings
  • Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, Tony wins
  • YouTube & TikTok trends, challenges, and top content producers
  • Top-selling books & video games
  • General news stories from the entertainment world


  • News & stats from your local pro teams
  • Results from major competitions: the Superbowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, the World Cup, Olympics, etc. 
  • A list of the most admired sports figures

Everyday Life Trends

  • Top fashions at your school
  • Makeup and hair trends
  • Popular hobbies and craft trends
  • Mobile & video game news
  • Top phone apps
  • Favourite video games
  • Favourite foods or restaurants
  • Internet challenges & viral trends

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