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Alternatives to portrait pages

Memento Yearbook includes a portrait management & page creation system to create traditional grid-type pages. These pages can be quite creative, as you can use a variety of styling tools while allowing the photos and labels to auto-flow.

If you have been provided with portrait photos in a database package by your school photography company, refer to the Portrait Management & Page Design section to learn how to import the package and build your pages.

If you only have photos but no database package, you may still use the portrait manager and page design system in the software. Consult the article on how to run your own photo day and then bring the photos into Memento Yearbook to create traditional labelled grid-style portraits pages.

If you do not have the photo resources or would like to try a different approach to classroom pages, you can create a different type of classroom page.

Group photo

Use a single class or grade photo with the names in a photo caption. Combine other photo & text memories on the page.

Candid collage

Create a series of image frames to position candid photos of the class. To create a grid like shape, create one large frame over the entire area and use the frame splitter to create equal-sized frames. Delete any frames you don't need to make an interesting arrangement.

Virtual Classroom

Home schooling may require a unique approach to a class photo - try a screenshot of the class meeting.  It may not be the best quality photo, but it will reflect your daily classroom interactions.

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