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Unable to edit a portrait page (locked by proofing)

To edit a portrait page within a section, all pages in the portrait section need to be fully editable. If any page within the section is locked for editing by the proofing process (waiting for approval through to fully approved), you won't be able to edit a page within the section. 

To reject all pages within a section, first, the Editor-in-Chief should check your book out. 

To reject all pages within a section (at any stage of the proofing process), click on the menu icon in the far right of the section bar, then choose Reject all pages. 


Should you need to reject all pages in the entire book, access the menu icon at the bottom of the webpage. Choose Reject all pages.

Add a comment to complete the process.

Once completed, all pages that were in the proofing process will show a red dot over them. They will be available for editing again, and will open displaying your comment.

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